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October 04, 2018
For a long time I kinda neglected the art of playing a decent strumming acoustic guitar, thought it was easy stuff and rather engaged myself in other things. Until I've heard Irish guitar player John Doyle who lives in Nashville. I was immediately impressed by his driving strumming grooves. And when I started to practise I completely got it - man was I wrong! There's a lotta work to do ☺

In this video I'm gonna show you a way how triplet notes grooves are played on the guitar in Irish music.
I also wanna recommend you to check out John Doyle and many other Irish guitar players like Sam Lakeman (Cara Dillon).

Cheers, Benjamin

#019 Awesome groovin' Irish strumming pattern

September 27, 2018
New Guitar-Nerdery episode: The first thing that comes up to mind when talking about triplet notes is 8th note triplets. Quarter note triplets are not so much addressed, but they are pretty tough to play right. In the straight note world playing quarter notes is not a big deal, but quarter note triplets are actually 6 equally long notes over 4 straight quarter notes in a 4/4 time signature. That means you have 2 notes on count 1 and 3 or 2 and 4, but four of them quarter notes in the off-beat. Benjamin is gonna show you how to play them right in time.

#018 Them damn Quarter Note Triplets

September 20, 2018
New Guitar-Nerdery episode: A rhythm exercise you'll learn to hate! #017!
The Rhythm Pyramid, one of those exercises that's very effective and you can gain a lot from, but which can be pretty annoying. Don't get angry and do not bash your guitar ☺
#017 Odd time signatures? ...piece of cake!

September 13, 2018
New Guitar-Nerdery episode: Odd time signatures? ...piece of cake! #016!
Playing in odd time signatures, everybody can do that. No-one counts till 19, 17 or 13... It's all about subdivisions! Watch Benjamin' new Guitar-Nerdery video and get inspired by loads of demonstrations!
#016 Odd time signatures? ...piece of cake!

September 06, 2018
New Guitar-Nerdery episode: Cross-Rhythms, proggy tools for proggy songs #015!
Cross rhythms are fun to play and very suitable if you need that proggy touch in your prog rock or prog metal songs, jazz tunes etc. Progressive music is often associated with playing in odd time signatures, making the listener guessing where the '1' of the beat is, hahaha. With cross rhythms you can achive that even in 4/4!

Let's make the listeners wonder where the '1' is. But you, the player, should never lose it!!!

PS: In the video Benjamin is talking about 'rest notes' but mostly playing 8th instead in my demonstrations. In theory he wanted to keep it easily countable while his demonstrations with guitar focus more on how cross rhythms can be approached.
#015 Cross-Rhythms, proggy tools for proggy songs

August 30, 2018
New Guitar-Nerdery episode: How to Groove Like Hell in Odd Time Signatures #014!
In his last video Benjamin explained how important it is, to tap with your foot along with the metronome, to get the feel / groove right. All examples were in 4/4 time signature. But what if it's not 4/4, how can the same groove and feel be achieved? In this episode he shows you how he deals with odd time signatures, how he manages to tap along. The video is packed with loads of demonstrations, beginning in 3/4 and ending pretty odd like 13/16!

#014 How to Groove Like Hell in Odd Time Signatures

August 23, 2018
Benjamin's new guitar-nerdery video is the first of a series of episodes, where he dives deep into guitar rhythm. Any kind of instrument player or singer, you need a few notes to make your statement or a lot - your message will only be delivered when you get your rhythm tight. The metronome is your friend to achieve that, but to tap along with your foot is essential for your success! And it can be fun! He's gonna show you with the metronome set to 4/4 !
#013: The Metronome is your Friend -
the right and most avoided way of using it

August 17, 2018
Benjamin's Guitar-Nerdery update: "Once more and this time a very weird and crazy way to make use and extend that simple tapping lick, I've explained in my former two videos.

Next time I'm gonna start a series of Nerdery videos about rhythm. For me a good timing and groove are the most important ingredients in music, the key to make sense of it all and get your whole body involved."
Sounds like a Pinball Machine - Benjamin's Guitar-Nerdery

August 09, 2018
New Nerdery video! Another, even easier example what you can do with a simple idea, to let it shine. Make sure you've watched Benjamin's former Guitar-Nerdery video "simple tapping idea".
Simple Tapping idea extended 2 - Benjamin's Guitar-Nerdery

August 05, 2018
Benjamin has posted two more Guitar-Nerdery videos, phasing hands FX and a simple tapping idea. His guitar instructional videos will now be updated regularly on every Thursday at 9pm GMT +2!
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July 17, 2018
In this week Guitar-Nerdery video Benjamin is showing his 16th-fitness-training. A great exercise for hands and brains. He did and does this regularly.
Benjamin's Guitar-Nerdery (16th fitness training)

July 10, 2018
Benjamin: "I really like slide-guitar, but somehow always found an excuse not to work it out ;-) At least I found a way to integrate a little bit of that slide-flavor in my playing. By making this video I've learned that I use it a lot!"
Benjamin's Guitar-Nerdery (slide-guitar-like)

July 03, 2018
Some guitar fun at Benjamin's Guitar-Nerdery!
The solution if a real bell is too heavy for you ;-)
Benjamin's Guitar-Nerdery (bell-simulation)

June 30, 2018
Benjamin's Guitar-Nerdery tutorial nr. 5! If you can't afford a slapback echo, try this! ;-)
Benjamin's Guitar-Nerdery (sounds like delays)

June 24, 2018
A 4th Guitar-Nerdery video with Benjamin is up, String-Skipping-Arpeggios! There are many ways to play arpeggios on a guitar. Besides that different playing techniques sound different, they all have their own possibilities of phrasing. These string skipping arpeggios fit perfectly with right hand hybrid picking.
Benjamin's Guitar-Nerdery (string-skipping-arpeggios)

June 17, 2018
Benjamin got a third Guitar-Nerdery video up, triads with 6ths on top! He used that idea at the end of his solo in Lost In Yesterdays:
Benjamin's Guitar-Nerdery (triads with 6ths on top)

June 15, 2018
A new Benjamin´s Guitar-Nerdery video is up. He is explaining a nice little country-rock riff. This guitar riff was the main inspiration for the chorus of the song "Lost In Yesterdays".
Benjamin's Guitar-Nerdery (Country-Rock-Riff) (Youtube)

June 12, 2018
After being asked frequently, Benjamin put his first guitar video tutorial online. It´s meant to be the start of a regular updated tutorial series, which is named Benjamin's Guitar-Nerdery. He explains his favorite hybrid lick, which he used a lot in the song SMILE!
Benjamin's Guitar-Nerdery (SMILE! hybrid picking lick) (Youtube)

June 08, 2018
A brand-new NST video is up, a hard rocking tune with some country rock riffing.
Watch here:
Lost In Yesterdays - by New String Theory (Youtube)

May 13, 2018
A new song is up! Listen here to our 3rd tune on SoundCloud:
Lost In Yesterdays

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Since 2017 guitar player Benjamin Schippritt produces and composes for the guitar-collaboration project New String Theory (NST). NST stands for tasty, dynamic guitar-adrenalin-driven (rock) music, never limited to the rock genre itself. The first three songs represent a rocking collaboration between guitarmates Benjamin Schippritt and Bram Bokken. Both have known each other since the 90s of the last millenium when they studied music at the conservatory in Arnhem in the Netherlands, but never really came together. Finally they met for a guitar-shred-session, already planned quite some time ago, but took a while to happen. They felt an immediate match of playing style and musical taste. Soon it was very clear, they had to create some great music together.

Benjamin Schippritt

Benjamin is an enthusiastic and passionate German musician since 1983. His main instruments and base of musical thinking are the electric and western acoustic guitar, but he also enjoys singing and playing electric bass guitar, as well as producing, recording and mixing music in his studio. Spending a whole lifetime around his guitar, developing a virtuos playing style and completing a full-time jazz guitar study at the Institute for the Arts in The Netherlands, he always got a strong beating heart for rock music. His creative song-writing and contributions cover many different styles of music and manage to perfectly fit that rocking attitude. Besides being a live- and studio-musician, he's utterly passionate about guitar teaching.

Bram Bokken

In 2003 Dutch guitarist and guitar teacher Bram got his bachelor degree in music. Two years later he finished with a master degree at the Artez Conservatory in Arnhem NL. At the conservatory Bram got lessons from Scott Henderson, Mike Kenneally and David Fiucynski, besides others. Furthermore he took privat lessons by Richard Hallebeek. Bram got also lessons in recording technique and arrangement. Since 2005 Bram is an active member in the Dutch music scene and shared national as well as international stages with many artists like Waylon, Nikki, State, Maame Joses, Backcorner Boogie Band and Hansen Tomas.

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Lost In Yesterdays - by New String Theory (Youtube)

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SMILE! - by New String Theory (Youtube)

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SMILE!                                            (Schippritt)

I'VE MADE UP MY MIND            (Schippritt)

Lost In Yesterdays            (Schippritt)


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