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February 06, 2018
Hello dear friends and visitors, this is the official website of New String Theory. Still under construction and tended to be completed at the end of the month. You can already watch our first two video clips and read what it's all about. Furthermore we've planned to post guitar tutorial videos, gear talk and who knows what else comes up to our minds. Besides that we'd like to mention, that we're already working on two further songs which will also be posted when finished. Don't hesitate to visit our personal websites for more information.

New String Theory

In 2017 Benjamin Schippritt and Bram Bokken teamed up to form a new guitar project. New String Theory (NST) stands for tasty, dynamic guitar-adrenalin-driven rock music, never limited to the rock genre itself. Both have known each other since the 90s of the last millenium when they studied music at the conservatory in Arnhem in the Netherlands, but never really came together. Finally the idea for NST was born when they met for a guitar-shred-session, already planned quite some time ago, but took a while to happen. They felt an immediate match of playing style, vision and musical taste. Soon it was very clear, they had to create some great music together.
On the media page you can get a listen and view on their first outputs!

Benjamin Schippritt

Benjamin is an enthusiastic and passionate German musician since 1983. His main instruments and base of musical thinking are the electric and western acoustic guitar, but he also enjoys singing and playing electric bass guitar, as well as producing, recording and mixing music in his studio. Spending a whole lifetime around his guitar, developing a virtuos playing style and completing a full-time jazz guitar study at the Institute for the Arts in The Netherlands, he always got a strong beating heart for rock music. His creative song-writing and contributions cover many different styles of music and manage to perfectly fit that rocking attitude. Besides being a live- and studio-musician, he's utterly passionate about guitar teaching.

Bram Bokken

In 2003 Dutch guitarist and guitar teacher Bram got his bachelor degree in music. Two years later he finished with a master degree at the Artez Conservatory in Arnhem NL. At the conservatory Bram got lessons from Scott Henderson, Mike Kenneally and David Fiucynski, besides others. Furthermore he took privat lessons by Richard Hallebeek. Bram got also lessons in recording technique and arrangement. Since 2005 Bram is an active member in the Dutch music scene and shared national as well as international stages with many artists like Waylon, Nikki, State, Maame Joses, Backcorner Boogie Band and Hansen Tomas.

Guitar Nerdery

Here Bram and Benjamin are going to post tons of different stuff around the guitar regularly. Talking about gear, ideas, favorite licks, chords, riffs etc. Stay tuned for their first post!


For any questions or requests you can write us by using the address above.